Amanda Ross Art Studio


Amanda Ross creates botanical images of extreme clarity and beauty printing directly from pressed plant cuttings. A self-confessed plant killer and useless gardener, she constructs her ideal gardens and landscapes using greenery collected from many walks, selected gardens and the occasional 'liberated snippet'.
Drawing on her textile background she uses textile inks, fabrics, paper, and plants from her pressed collection to produce these artworks. A collector of reminders, her plant library has grown from pieces sourced on her travels, both abroad and in the UK, from site-specific vegetation to whatever catches her eye.
In the studio the artworks grow organically from their components, the imagery guiding the scale and colours. Original Artworks, hand-printed on fabric, are mounted, framed and sold as such. Each piece is individual and the product of many hours of perfecting both the subject aesthetic and the printing process.
A select number of plant prints are scanned and filed in the ‘Botanical Element Library’. These elements are used to create digital collages which become the Limited Edition and open ended Giclee Prints.
A collection of simple collages are reproduced on melamine tableware, as gift stationery or reproduction prints. All of these products are proudly made in the UK.
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