A personal print of memorable plants and places.

Preserve memories of a place or occasion from the flowers and plants that made them. Indulge yourself, or a loved one, with a luxury reminder of a special place or time.

Printing with your botany, Amanda Ross creates personal artworks that record and celebrate your garden or special event. They capture a moment, or season, of a constantly changing environment.

Every picture begins in the same way. An original print is created using your pressed plants as the paintbrush. Amanda prints onto fabric, a nod to her textile design background, with dyes formulated for synthetic fabrics which will not weaken with time.

This handmade print is The Herbarium Print.

This print is digitized, each plant cut out and placed to create the ‘Garden’ artworks. Using technology Amanda arranges your plants to fit neatly together; or for the Bespoke Garden, an artistic recreation of a garden or space. She calls this Digital Gardening.

A range of picture choices is available. The process has optional stages of client participation, from the collection and pressing of the plants to the final choice of those used. The gathering of plants is often completed as a family or collective experience. Dependant upon location, a personal visit can be arranged for Amanda to press in situ, quotations available on request. Alternatively pressings can be made though out the year as favourites grow and flower.

Each picture scheme comes in a presentation box containing an explanation of the creative process and guidance for each step. Email and telephone help and guidance is available, with links to videos on plant pressing, and ‘insider cheats and tricks’.

The process takes about 8-12 weeks from the receipt of the pressed plants.



Gardening personalised bespoke commissioned picture art



How it works....The Creation Process

*Select the plants you would like to feature in your picture.

*Cut some fine specimens of your choice,

*Press your cuttings in the pressing pack.

*Send your pressed botany to Amanda and reserve your printing spot. 

...Then the printing process commences....

*Your finished print will take between 8-12 weeks to complete.

*Receive an email with the resulting hand-made Herbarium Print

*Select the plants you would like featured and their corresponding names for the plant legend.

*Receive an email with the finished print and a frame choice for approval.

*The Bespoke Garden Experience is more detailed and is explained separately.

*Hang your pieces and enjoy.

Notes on the Garden Legacy Range

 The sepia-green colour palette is specifically designed for this range, excepting the The Bespoke Garden Print. This colouring and the explanatory legend at the base of the print echo the tone of traditional botanical illustrations. The handwritten legend can be typed as an alternative. To fit plants into the herbarium print format some may be turned at many angles. This gives a visually pleasing effect.

Framing options are a bare wood or dark brown stained ash.

The pressing pack is a simple thing, sheets of lovely thick top quality blotting paper and sturdy cardboard for support. You supply the weight; books, bricks, etc. That’s it.