‘Print Your Garden’

Amanda’s work consists of layers and layers of plants and their shadows interwoven together. She works with wild plants, cultivated flowers and cuttings from significant places. Evolving this process Amanda can now create artworks composed of plants from your garden. Each plant chosen is pressed, a print taken from it, which is then digitized and used in the creation of the piece.

The print size is usually a landscape and this can be scaled up or down to suit. This layout allows a linear narrative of shapes, textures and colours which are arranged to echo the feel of a garden. The print is not a direct illustration of a place but tries to capture it’s botanical essence and character.

A structure of foliage is used as a background to create a gentle flow. Into this are placed plants of significant interest, those with sentimental value, or simply your favourites. Colours are mostly guided by the plants themselves, but we can alter these to suit required palettes or specific requests.

Each piece is made to order and can take between 3-6 months. The process is as interesting as the finished piece, especially if your plants are involved, adding another layer of personal attachment and engagement. The resulting picture is named by the client, which is then titled and signed by Amanda.


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The Process

Consultation on the picture layout from several style examples. This can be done in person, by telephone or email.

Select and press the flowers, either by a personal visit or using a postal pressing pack.
Press and dry 2 or 3 of each plant.

Transfer of the plants to the studio and the final preservation process of the plants. This part can take 4-8 weeks.

Printing the plants. The preserved plants are printed onto fabric and their suitability is assessed as not all survive the process. The plants to be used are chosen from this selection and they are cleaned digitally ready for the picture construction.

*The initial picture concept is constructed and a PDF image is issued for comments, and further guidance.

*The picture is adjusted and a second PDF image issued following the feedback.

*Final tweaking of the image to arrive at the finished piece.

The picture is printed, titled, signed, framed and delivered.