This year is being a troublesome one for everyone.


We’re going to do a project using plants from your gardens, window boxes or the hedges of the daily walks. You press them, I’ll print them...

We’ll preserve some plants of 2020 and we’ll make a lovely print out of a rubbish time.

Here’s a confession. I press plants in paperbacks, constantly. I see something to press, in the book it goes. My library is ruined, but my herbarium is extensive.

If you’d like to take part, grab an old paperback you don’t mind wrecking, and pop in leaves and flowers from your garden or houseplants. Take it with you on walks. Involve your children, or the neighbours. All are welcome.

Place the botany snips in the pages (leave 10 pages between each) and shove it under something heavy for 2 weeks to a month. I add to mine when I see something else. The plant needs to fit the book, 12 x 17 cm max. Look for unusual shapes, edges, textures, or simply perfect things.

When they are dry, use the card covers of the books as a folder for sending them in. keep them separated using leaves from the book (told you we’d wreck the book). If you can’t bear to break up the book use old card like a cereal box to protect the pressed flowers.

Pop the folder in an envelope and send to:

Amanda Ross
Studio 104,
Cockpit Arts
18-22 Creekside

Once they start to arrive I will start printing and we’ll hopefully have a new print by the end of August.

I’m excited to see what arrives and thank you for taking part!